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Google makes most of their profit from selling advertising. We're talking in the tune of $80 billion in revenues. What does that evidence tell us? For one, it says that Google AdWords works, or else so many companies, large and small, would not pour that much money into it. For another, it says that your competition is probably already there!

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Let's examine why Google AdWords is such a good fit for your small business.

You Only Pay for Results

AdWords is Pay Per Click (PPC). That means that it only costs you money when your potential customer clicks on the ad. If someone isn't really all that interested and just sees the ad - well, that doesn't cost you anything! So, people will see your business, maybe learn a bit more about you, and it won't cost you anything unless they click!

Google Ads Show Up at the Perfect Time and in the Perfect Place

When does your ad show up? Only when people are already searching for something you sell or a service you offer.

Where does your ad show up? Two answers for that question. First it shows up immediately, at the very top of the page, where it's first to be seen. Second, it only shows up in the area where you want it to show up. Local to Lexington? Your ad is only shown to people who are searching in this area.

dollarNo Minimum Investment

In our area, billboards cost around $2000 per month. Radio ads are around $600 per month, if not more. AdWords has no minimum investment.

A simple explanation: each click is sold kind of like an auction. Your competitors are willing to pay a set amount for a keyword. You pay a little more than them, your ad shows up above theirs. That explanation is over-simplified, or else you wouldn't need professionals to manage your ad for you, but that's kinda how it works. So if you decide you want to spend no more than $10 per day for a week, your ad will cost no more than $70. Think of it - Seventy dollars to put your products in front of people who are actively searching for them!

Along with this minimal investment, Google's customer surveys show that, even after paying agency fees, businesses are making $2 for each $1 spent. It's not just fantastic - it's a no-brainer.

Get a Free AdWords Evaluation for Your Business

Tracking & Transparency

This is the best part. Billboards, TV ads, whatever - you're just throwing it out there. But when you put your ad on the Internet, and it's connected to your web sites' stats (you do have those, right?), you can see where your clicks are coming from. You can see when people click on an ad, go to your website, then to a shopping cart, then pay you. You're actually able to see how the ad is performing.

That also means you know everything: how well it worked, how many conversions you made and how much each of those conversions. And as your ad management agency, we use that information to tweak your ad and make it work even better.


Ever searched for something, say, "Shoes" - and then for the next week you're seeing shoe ads? Those are re-targeting ads. They're targeting you again for something you've shown interest in. Re-targeting ads put your business back in front of people who have already expressed interest in your business, and they cost 10% - 20% less than the search ads! Think you lost the sale? That re-targeting ad just might be the key to bring it back - and you'll only pay if it does, because you're only paying for clicks.

Our Sales Pitch

Let's keep this short:

  • We're used to running Google ads. We're used to clunky, non-intuitive interface and all the extra options that make most small business owners run away.
  • Our monthly fee for handling your ads is a mere $150 per campaign
  • Our holiday campaign for Lexington Billiards & Spas in 2016 gave them a 30% increase in sales over the same period in previous years.

We can make those kinds of results for you. Fill out the form below now to get started.

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