We have a few goals in mind for the services we offer:

  • Cutting edge solutions to real business marketing problems
  • High quality, individualized attention on your business
  • Measurable goals and measurable results

Custom Website Creation

The latest fashion in web design is to take a prefabricated template, throw some of your content on it, and say you have a finished site. We still code sites by hand, creating something that looks and works the way you want it to. And we still come in at a price suitable for the small business.

Mobile Apps

80% of time people spend on their phones is spent using apps. You can get an affordable app of your own with our easy-to-use software. Push notifications out to your customers, keep your location and contact info in their hands, be super-easy to reach, and watch the sales roll in!


Copy Writing

The copy (headlines, pictures, text) on a website is the distinguishing factor between a good site and an excellent one. Good copy grabs your customer's attention, gets noticed by the search engines, and brings your more sales. Our copy staff has been making headlines for more than a dozen years.

Social Media Management

A strong presence on Facebook and other social networks is important for any small business. But that requires time, dedication, and keeping up with the network's changes and new options. We do all that, getting you more likes, followers, and customers. We also know how to promote your posts for maximum impact on your customers and the least impact on your bank account.


Online Ad Management (SEM)

Navigating Google AdWords can be challenging. On top of that challenge, the industry standard is only 1 in 1000 views of your ad get opened. That might not cost too much, but it's also not very effective. We know how to target keywords so specific that we've had a 4% clickthru rate (instead of a .01%), with our clients showing a 50% increase in sales. We can also manage your ads on Facebook, Instagram, Bing, and mobile networks.

Search Engine Optimization

Sites that show up on the first page of results are the ones that get all the clicks. It takes steady, knowledgeable work to get there. Every single client that makes that commitment with us finds their website within the top three results, and most at #1. Hey man, that's what we do.


Local Search Optimizer

Google My Business, Yahoo Local, Yelp, and about 200 other websites provide local search results. What does that mean? If someone in your city is looking for a plumber, those sites are going to show them plumbers in your city. And if your listing on their site is incorrect or doesn't look too good, guess what? They're going to your competitor. Let's get this fixed!

Online Review Management (ReviewCheer)

With our custom-developed software, we help your business stay on top of new reviews, respond to negative (and positive) reviews, and get more reviews. That's a lot of reviews! Why are they so important? Because people trust online reviews for purchase advice more than they trust their good friends. Let's make sure your reviews are top notch.


Email List Management

Email is a fantastic way to keep customers engaged. 80% of emails sent to mobile devices get opened - did you know that? We can help you send quality, consistent emails to your customers, keeping them informed and coming back to you for more!

Managed Web Hosting

Disk space? Bandwidth? DDnS attacks? Who's got time to keep up with all this? Trust our hosting services, where we provide technical support, keep your CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, or Mentor) updated, and provide an anti-hacker guarantee. Where else are you going to find enterprise-class hosting for your small business for $40 per month?


Application Hosting

Running an intranet support site for your clients? Need application hosting for your point-of-sale? Have some PCI- or HIPAA-compliancy requirements? We can host that, on American servers with the tightest security protocols. Let's get started

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